A Story of Simplicty

More about me......

My name is Ros and I am the owner and operater of "Sea Salt Sand Designs" a small ethically minded one woman design company creating organically inspired functional stoneware ceramics.

I started in the design world from a very young age, first of all in fashion, studying and learning the art of design, pattern making and manufacturing. Then I discovered the addiction that is Ceramics, once again studying and learning the art of form and function...as well as the chemistry behind glaze development (thats a whole other career!) and so was born my current labels "Sea Salt Sand Ceramics" and "The Studio Diamond Beach" under the umbrella of my design company "Sea Salt Sand Designs"  


My motto along this journey has always been the same...."A STORY OF SIMPLICITY"....the KISS theory  "keep it simple stupid", it was a theory that was instilled in me from when I first started in the design world....the best, most classic designs that would endure through the ages were classically simple.....the shape the form the function, simple...then you could change the fabric, colour, trim etc...but keep your designs simple and elegant. It is a fundamental that I still stand by after all these years...in my ceramics range ....you will find classic designs that endure time....Enjoy!

Clay Design

"Sea Salt Sand Ceramics"

From earth to table & back to earth again ...


There is nothing more fundamental than taking something so raw and basic as clay from the earth and turning that into something so beautiful and functional.


Each piece from our collection is individually hand crafted from a slab of clay, then glazed and fired in our kiln.............the finished piece is always 'one of a kind' .......whether it wants to be or not!

We specialise in small batch ceramics with a rustic, hand crafted down to earth feel about them. Producing big pottery serving platters, bowls for salads and dips, and teeny weeny ones for.... what ever you want. Functional pottery for every day use.

We live by the ocean so our inspiratioin is drawn from our surroundings. Hues of Aqua and Blue, Whites and the may colours of our Sand and Soil

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 “The Studio Diamond Beach”

The Studio Diamond Beach aims to offer a range of Artisan experiences for the novice creative.


Join a workshop as advertised on our website or speak to us about organising a uniquely tailored group experience for any occasion at any location.


No experience necessary… it’s all about the journey.

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