SERVING PLATTER and dishes Boxed set "Opal"

SERVING PLATTER and dishes Boxed set "Opal"

SKU: "Opal" Abstract platter boxed set

Gorgeous cheese or serving platter approx 35cm long x 23cm wide with 1 x bowls approx 10 cm diameter.


Hand crafted, rustic, down to earth stoneware ceramics that are designed and made in Australia and are individually hand made and glazed in my studio.


Here at 'Sea Salt Ceramics' we specialize in small batch ceramics that are hand made with care. When you acquire one of our pieces you can be assured it is "One of a kind" as every piece is an "Individual", whether they want to be or not!


As all our ceramics are hand made and individually glazed there may be some characteristics that portray this. We consider these variances to be "Character" and may include slight variances in the and shape and size of pieces as well as glaze application etc, they do not affect the structure or integrity of your newly aquired piece but enhace the fact that it is hand made and not mass produced.